Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Below is a list of the bus rules that your child is expected to follow. Please read through these rules and remind your child that they need to follow these rules to make sure that the bus ride to and from school each day is as safe as possible. Please remind them that each time that their bus driver has to look up because someone is misbehaving the driver’s eyes are not on the road and that increases the chances of endangering the safety of the entire bus.

 Bus Rules:

1. No eating or drinking on the bus.

2. No gum chewing.

3. No cell phone use.

4. Stay in your assigned seat and keep your hands and feet to yourself.

5. No yelling or loud noises on the bus.

6. No foul or inappropriate language or gestures.

7. Keep the aisle clear.

8. Put trash in the trash bag.


Failure to follow these rules will result in the following discipline:

1st bus slip-Warning

2nd bus slip-Final Warning

3rd bus slip-Removal from the school bus for 3 school days.

4th bus slip-Removal from the school bus for 10 school days.

5th bus slip-Removal from the school bus for the remainder of the school year.


Thank You,

Corey Jameson

Transportation Director