Public Bid Notices


Richard Sullivan, Superintendent

24 South Herren Avenue

 Ellsinore, Missouri 63937

 (573) 322-5625 

East Carter County R-2 Schools is accepting bids for a walk-in outdoor freezer. The freezer should be a 

minimum of 8ft x 10ft and include indoor lighting and an externally readable thermometer. The bid

should include the price of the freezer, the price of installation and set-up, and the price of any

applicable shipping and handling charges. The freezer is to be delivered and set up no later than July 31,

2019. The vendor’s proposal may include any additional features which would aid in using or

maintaining the unit. Bids should be submitted to Dr. Richard Sullivan, Superintendent of Schools no

later than June 13, 2019. The successful bid payment must be presented to the Board of Education for

approval, which may take 30-45 days. East Carter County R-2 Schools reserves the right to reject any

and all bids. The East Carter County R-II School District is an Equal Opportunity Employment Employer.

Please send bids and supporting documents to:

Dr. Richard Sullivan

24 South Herren Avenue

Ellsinore, Missouri 63937

(573) 322-5625 ext. 6

The East Carter R-2 School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Dr. Richard Sullivan – Superintendent of Schools 

Questions should be directed to Superintendent Dr. Richard Sullivan at (573) 322-5625, option 6.